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The most advanced technology and the most luxurious handcraft techniques come together in this spectacular outdoor kitchen

Everything has been designed to take your grilling experience to the highest and best level. It is practical and functional and has everything you need to enjoy cooking the most delicious dishes.

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Enjoy the ultimate dining experience with this stunning outdoor kitchen with bbq.

Available in a wide range of materials, including everything from luxurious sintered or natural stones to 316 stainless steel for a more sophisticated, premium finish.


A wide range of designs available.

No matter what your setup is, Fesfoc has an option for you. With a stunning range of carefully thought through layouts, Gas or Charcoal Grills, Fridge Units and even Stainless Steel Sinks with taps that hideaway under a cover to give you more working space, Fesfoc has an undeniable presence in the Outdoor Kitchen Industry.

  •    Stainless Steel Inside and Out
  •    Gas or Charcoal Grills
  •    Stone Worktops or Stainless Steel
  •    Fridges with Glass Doors or Solid
  •    Stainless Steel Sinks
  •    Telescopic Taps
  •    Handcrafted
  •    Outdoor Furniture Also Available
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