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Steel Cuisine


Exquisite steel creations that embody a perfect blend of stunning design and practicality. 

For three generations, Steel Cuisine has been dedicated to crafting steel masterpieces with a strong emphasis on Italian craftsmanship.



Premium quality materials used throughout.

Nickel based 304 stainless steel is used to ensure these products can withstand anything that can be thrown at them.


The comfort of your home kitchen.

The freedom of open spaces. Steel outdoor kitchens, thanks to their modularity, can be conceived depending on any need of space and use.

STEEL outdoor DTC showroom
  •    304 Stainless Steel
  •    Italian Craftsmanship

  •    Built-in Hobs
  •    Cook Top Units with Brass Gas Burners
  •    Sinks and Refrigerators
  •    Modular Construction
  •    Freestanding Units
  •    Aesthetics with Functionality
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