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A gourmet outdoor kitchen deserves to have a big and beautiful grill.

These high-quality materials look stunning but also ensure long-lasting performance. The higher quality materials like stainless steel resist denting, corrosion, the weather, and especially the mess and heat from cooking.



Napoleon’s gas barbecues are made from premium materials like food-grade, corrosion-resistant, 430 and 304-grade stainless steel.
Airflow, airtightness, and fuel management are just a few things that ensure that a Napoleon barbecue is counted among one of the most efficient barbecues on earth.


Built for just about any weather condition and cooking challenge you can think to throw at them. 
A Napoleon Grill is guaranteed to be up to the task. Whether it’s stainless steel, galvanized steel, or cast aluminum, the parts of this barbecue aren’t going to rust, inside or out. With proper maintenance, this barbecue will last generations.
  •    Stainless Steel Construction
  •    Built-in or Freestanding

  •    Powder Coated Modular Units
  •    Designed to Last
  •    Infrared Burners
  •    Knobs with Safety Glow
  •    Integrated Wood Chips Smoker Tray
  •    Proximity Lighting Display
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