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Who We Are...

Welcome to Barbacoa - where the sizzle meets the drizzle!
Our journey began with a spark of inspiration on a rainy British afternoon. Yes, we know the weather isn't always on our side, but we Brits are resilient - we don't let a bit of rain dampen our barbecue spirit! So, we set out on a mission to create the ultimate Outdoor Kitchen experience that even Mother Nature couldn't rain on.
After spending 7 years in Australia, Joe developed a deep love for BBQ. When he returned to the UK to be with his family, he was determined to bring that passion to life by creating Outdoor Kitchens. While searching for a kitchen that would suit his own garden in South Devon, he encountered the challenges of finding all the necessary components and so, with the help of a friend, the idea of Barbacoa was born.
So, why are we different, you ask? Well, here at Barbacoa, we absolutely love embracing the great outdoors and creating culinary masterpieces on the grill! We believe that our passion not only enhances our own experiences but also provides a fantastic service to those who want to entertain their loved ones at home.

Joe Maddison


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