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Everything tastes better al fresco.

Say goodbye to the days of unpredictable outdoor cooking due to imprecise heat control on most grills. Wolf Outdoor Grills are here to revolutionize your grilling experience. With the same level of precision control and user-friendly features as their indoor counterparts, these grills empower you to sear a mouthwatering filet, grill flavorful ram’s horn peppers, infuse the delicate flavors of smoked trout or applewood bacon, and even indulge in succulent rotisserie chicken. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating juicy and delectable dishes. Can you feel your tastebuds being tantalized already?

  •    Stainless Steel Construction
  •    Built-in or Freestanding

  •    Powerful Burners
  •    Even Heat Distribution
  •    Electric Rotisserie
  •    Infrared Burner
  •    Side Burners Available
  •    Natural or LP Gas
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