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Kamado Bono

The name KAMADO is a Japanese word for “stove”, and KAMADO literally means “a place for a boiling pot”.

The innovative design of the Kamado Bono ceramic barbecue grills allows for exceptional heat retention, reaching temperatures up to 400oC. With the ability to adjust air flow and temperature with precision, the Kamado Bono grill offers a cooking experience similar to that of wood-fired ovens, allowing you to roast and bake food just like you would in a traditional oven. The versatile grills are not limited to meat grilling or smoking - they can also be used to bake mouthwatering pizzas, cookies, pies, and bread.

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The KAMADO barbecue grill boasts a sleek ceramic frame, housing a firebox that serves as a charcoal tank. A strategically placed air vent at the bottom of the structure allows for a steady influx of airflow into the firebox, while the domed lid of the grill features an adjustable air vent to facilitate the smooth exit of airflow. These vents work in harmony to effortlessly regulate the cooking temperature, ensuring optimal results every time. The grill also comes equipped with durable barbecue grids, providing the perfect surface to cook your sizzling steaks. Additionally, the lid features a convenient opening to accommodate a thermometer, allowing you to accurately measure the temperature of your delectable grilled creations.

  •    Internal Temperature Thermometer
  •    Ceramic Dome

  •    Stainless Steel Grate
  •    Ceramic Body
  •    Upper Air Vent
  •    Bamboo Trays
  •    Lower Air Vent
  •    Steel Grill Cart mounted on Wheels
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